The Kite Runner’s Quotes

  • “The blast echoes through the street of my father’s house.  Hassan slumps to the asphalt, his life of unrequited loyalty drifting from him like the windblown kites he used to chase.” (pg.219)


This is a nice assimilation made by Amir comparing what should Hassan have in their realtionship. It is comparing  between the need of wind, for flying kites, to the need of loyalty, in serving Amir. Kite needs of wids, really strong winds to fly up in the sky. As it is needed loyalty for trusting someone real important things.



  • “Assef knelt behind Hassan, put his hands on Hassan’s hips and lifted his bare buttocks. He kept one hand on Hassan’s back and undid his own belt buckle with his free hand. He unzipped his jeans. Dropped his underwear. He positioned himself behind Hassan. Hassan didn’t struggle. Didn’t even whimper. He moved his head slightly and I caught a glimpse of his face. Saw the resignation in it. It was a look I had seen before. It was the look of the lamb.” (pg. 76)


The comparisong it have with the bible, with the lamb. The poor and resignated lamb that could’t do naothing about it. Here Amir feels really bad, by seeing how Hassan is beeing raped and not doing a thing. A relly good quote making the reader persive the emotion and sadnes of those feelings.



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